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Difference between shared hosting andmanaged shared hosting

by Robatjhnson

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Managed shared hosting and shared server hosting are 2 entirely different set of service, with many similarities too. Shared web hosting services are very good for many people and small enterprises. There are several instances where a shared hosting is unable to meet the user high requirements because it is designed for clients who have a lot budget and a business that is categorized as a personal or a small scale industry.

If you are finding it difficult to choose on a specified service that meet each and every requirement of yours and help you in maintaining your business. You should recognize whether a shared hosting is adequate for you or not and when it's time to go for a managed shared hosting solution. Sharing is comfortable however; it can never be always enough.


Shared server hosting

Shared hosting is representing the most common form of internet hosting. So, what makes this hosting most appropriate for many customers? Well, if you don’t know about a server; it’s a big and extremely powerful computer. This basically signifies that it is capable of providing enough storage space and bandwidth to support multiple websites.


Setting up the Top Shared Hosting

A shared hosting set up will give you a head start; however there is always place for improvement on the resources and upgrading of the server. In future, once your website starts to grow popular and traffic of the site increases, then the current resources of your shared hosting provider could not meet the requirements and needs. After this you have to switch over to higher resources that include high storage, higher bandwidth and an advanced control panel to manage the website. Although, there are some hosting providers which will allow you to upgrade your resources to higher levels and many don't. Even after upgrading and adding additional resources if your requirements are not met then it’s time to switch to a managed shred hosting service provider.



Managed Shared Hosting or Dedicated Shared Hosting

Managed hosting services are for those websites that receive a high volume of traffic and contains highly critical and sensitive data for the business. Here, in this server you will get features like a dedicated server. That will include features which can be increased and decreased as per your demand your server administration will be performed by the professional from the hosting provider. Shared managed hosting or we can say dedicated shared hosting is highly recommended for those who lack knowledge regarding the server and its administration. To handle and perform tasks on a webserver you need to get aware of many technical and theoretical aspects otherwise you could land yourself in big trouble.

Sometimes it is recommended to leave the task of server management to the provider because maintaining at your own risk and expense many a times seems to be a little pricy. Choosing the managed hosting services would ultimately fill in the gap amongst the dedicated and shared web hosting server.

Shared Dedicated Hosting can be termed as a price effective service that includes additional management and top level of security with the resources and authorities that of a dedicated server and surely you will not find these services inside a shared hosting platform.


About the Author is a well know provider of managed shared hosting shared hosting server and Dedicated Shared Hosting services. Server management is a very important aspect that should not be overlooked. Our professionals are highly skilled and qualified in providing server administration services to our clients.


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