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Candidates Over Expectation

by anonymous

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In these days candidates who are in search of jobs are with over expectations they feel they are well qualified and they own to get a great salary from the begining, but all of them forget that too much of expectation is not good for their career.

As the candidates expect high salary and benefits the employer will also have some expectation as per the designation towards the candidates. They will also expect high talent and performance from the candidates. Now a days even for a low level layman work employer rank out the person with the marks as of the talent so ultimately for an white collor job the level marking will be still high so it is the responsiblity of the candidates to develop themself as per the level.

Candidates can have high expectations only when they develop themself to the level expected by the employer. In certain cases candidates will like the job and company but they will hesitate to join the job only because of the low level salary but it is preferable for the candidates to accept such jobs and make these jobs as a platform to develop themself and they will also ultimatly earn well. Rather than wait and waste their time and careeer candidates can accept such jobs and reach an high position.

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