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Bending Metal to Create Art Installations

by mackcamrown

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Art has been present for centuries and has continually evolved through the years. This diverse form of human expression is a product of evolution and of human activities. Some of the early artworks are present even during the time of the cave dwellers, when early humans etch charcoal and stone drawings of their hunting expeditions on cave walls.

Art philosophers have characterized it as a form of human creativity that transcends emotions through the use of expression. The nature of art and other related concepts are explored in a branch of philosophy called aesthetics. Though art’s definition is disputed and has been altered over time, the general description of art remains the same. It is created through the ingenious collaboration of technical skills and human imagination.

The creation of art has taken on many diverse forms. One of the popular forms is visual arts, which includes painting, photography, and sculpture. Art may also be in the form of music, through singing and playing musical instruments, which also covers numerous styles and genres. Performance art is the kind of art that can be presented to and witnessed by an audience. This kind of art may also take on different forms; it may be scripted or free form, with or without audience participation. Performing can be done anywhere, at a theater stage or at a street corner, and for any period of time. All this clearly shows the wide diversity of art. They say art is everywhere and covers all styles, mediums, and forms, and one of the more modern types of art includes the incorporation of metal. This material may be cut, hammered, torched, or bended into shape, like in the process of pipe tube bending.

Metal art sculptures are the creative interpretations of artists with the use of metal pieces. This new art form is being embraced by the art community and more so by environmentalists, especially when artists use recycled scrap metal in their design. Some of the collaborative artworks include a collection of scrap metal, which they put together to form a piece of art. Some artists create elaborate designs with curves that require the stainless steel tube bending process to create certain pieces.

Pipe bends can be also used to create different frames for the structural art. These also serve as effective skeletal frameworks of big art installations, which is another form of art that are three-dimensional works, usually site specific and designed to create the perception of space. Art installations are generally used in interior spaces, usually in wide open spaces that owners wish to fill.

Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, as everyone has different opinions on different subjects. But it is up to the artist to capture the attention of his or her audience. After all, art is everywhere and should be appreciated by everyone.

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