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Pressure Relieving Techniques From Mayflower Medical

by grayson383

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The biggest problem for the bedridden patient is the bed sores or pressure ulcers. Prolonged contact with the bed and immobility cause the skin of the patient to get damaged. At such situations, the skin gets damaged rapidly even when good treatment is given to the patient. These bed sores or pressure ulcers are a big challenge to the health care professionals who constantly strive to relieve their patients from such attacks.

In such an endeavor, Mayflower Medical has developed pressure relieving devices to reduce the pain and to increase the comfort of the patients. Our products are well researched and highly standardized. We produce the pressure care products in Hampshire, UK. We have introduced various types of pressure relieving cushions and mattresses for the sake of suffering patients. We constantly do research and development in this field and manufacture pressure relieving devices using latest technology. All our products are in accordance with MHRA and the Health Department, UK. Health care managers and clinical directors of UK prefer our products.

The relief tools not only adapt quickly to individual body type but also provide skin protection by reducing infection. The Pressure relieving devices can also be used in homes and offices so as to prevent development of pressure areas. The high level pressure cushions offer protection to the pressure areas as it could lead to pressure sore treatment for those sitting for longer hours. For higher level of relief there are various pressure cushions such as gel cushions, fluid filled cushions, air cushions and air alternating cushions. The relief products are best suitable at the workplace also as people may require to sit for a longer period of time.

Therawave is the best medical fabric developed using latest technology. All our pressure relieving products are made with Therawave. Therawave mattresses and cushions have shown striking difference in preventing the pressure ulcers from patients and in providing high level comfort even to patients with sensitive skins, who are naturally prone to develop pressure ulcers. Some of our products are Therawave pressure care mattresses, Overlay air mattresses, replacement air mattresses, Foam pressure relief mattress and pressure relieving cushions.

All our pressure relieving products are subjected to high level testing and examination. The mattresses have special Derma grade PU Cover which is capable of high infection control. It has enormous stretching capacity in all directions and so it prevents shearing and infection.

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