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Darkfall Unholy Wars streamlined UI Was Demonstrated

by copydarkfall

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I cannot deny a clunky, unintuitive UI might hinder the players' enjoying themselves in certain MMO games, however, in a game like Darkfall where mere moments could be the difference between life and death, a bad interface can be considered a deal-breaker. Will you agree concerning this?

As you have already known, the Coordinating Designer Tork Shaw explained many of the changes visiting Unholy Wars to present the game an easy-paced UI that will not impede combat in the latest dev blog. And i also know you are looking at this.

Good video around the blog, many of it has showed a number of the extra features hanging around, for example the new radial menu. It makes for far more action-based combat, so players who will be acquainted with FPS games or action-combat games will probably be additional at home playing Darkfall. The brand new UI will permit also players to interchange between your different roles at will. It is, we must admit, a legitimate user-friendly design.

In addition to the UI of darkfall gold farming, the dev blog now offers additional information on the feat system in addition to the new personal and clan currencies. So if you want to know regarding the video and also the details, search for much more about these alterations in the dev blog and preview the newest UI in the video.

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