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Readying for a Meeting with a Portland Immigration Attorney

by cadeculpepper

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The immigration process requires a reasonable little bit of paperwork, and you may feel overwhelmed once you start preparing your immigration forms. To take care of the procedure for you, an immigration attorney from Portland can be of assistance. If you feel your immigration status is complexed, then you might benefit from the assistance of an immigration attorney. To prepare you for when you consult with an immigration lawyer, here are a few typical concerns about the immigration procedure.

Is there a distinction between a Green Card and a visa?

Yes, a Visa and a Green Card are without a doubt different from each other. The primary difference is that a visa is a temporary pass that lets you get in the United States and remain for a specific interval. A Green Card, in contrast, lets you get in the US and stay for as long as you want. Green Cards, unlike visas, do not come with an expiration date.

What are non-immigrant visas?

A non-immigrant visa is issued to people who want to remain in the US only until their explanation for being there is finished. A non-immigrant visa allegedly cannot result in long-lasting residency, but there are some loops and channels that an individual may undergo to acquire permanent residency through it. Examples of non-immigrant visas are traveler visas, work visas and student visas.

What are immigrant visas?

Immigrant visas, contrary to non-immigrant visas, give an individual the opportunity to become a long-term local. An immigrant visa makes one eligible for Green Card application. However, immigrant visas are extremely difficult to get. Every immigrant visa needs to be petitioned for by a United States resident.

What are the rights and responsibilities of visa owners?

Unless a person holds a particular sort of work visa, he will not be permitted to work in the United States. A Green Card holder, on the other hand, has the liberty to choose work in any industry or occupation. Green Card holders are provided all the rights that natural US residents have except the right to vote, get federal financing for university expenditures, and serve on juries.

A good immigration attorney can be worth his value in gold. Contact the best Portland law firms to make the immigration procedure easier for you. For more information concerning immigration, go to Such site can help you in elucidating the matter.

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