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Why Building Contractors Buy Only the Finest Skid Loader

by allannahkemble

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Despite their dimensions, skid loaders are among the toughest pieces of machinery available. Using different high-quality skid loader attachments to pick from, a basic, standard-sized skid loader is able to accomplish a number of operations ranging from digging, relocating, upheaving, grading, slicing, and cleaning. With so many benefits, skid loaders can turn the most demanding of construction operations into simple and manageable undertakings.

Brief History

First fabricated by Cyril and Louis Keller in 1957, the skid loader's preliminary function was to clear away dung from turkey ranches. The Keller brothers' brainchild didn't have the protected cabins so its drivers were often injured by the machine's mechanical arms. Soon after its rights were purchased by the Melroe brothers, the skid loader was subjected to significant modifications.

A new model of the skid loader, the M-200, was offered to the market a year after it was first sold. This new machine had rear caster wheels that enabled it to drive in multiple directions with ease. Decades later, not only did skid loaders boast of a four-wheel drive system, but high quality skid loader tracks became basic options as well.

Work Capacity

Despite the fact that skid loaders are smaller than standard machinery, they can carry out more jobs in contrast to ordinary construction machinery. A tiny skid loader can move up to 700 lbs, and it usually churns out an engine output of 23.5 horsepower. Larger models, on the other hand, boast of weight capacities that reach up to 1,850 lbs and with a 61 horsepower engine. In addition to this, skid loaders are likewise one of the more nimble kinds of machinery, ready to maneuver through narrow spaces.

All about Attachments

Skid loaders are undoubtedly multifunctional machines. With their interchangeable add-ons, skid loaders can function much like large construction equipment used in building sites. Buckets, backhoes, augers, hydraulic breakers, and pallet forks are some of the most typical add-ons used with skid loaders. Due to such variety, construction providers rely on skid loaders to administer an assortment of projects, from excavation to site cleanup.

In addition to the building industry, skid loaders have also found their way in a number of other fields thanks to their compatible attachments. Winches, grapples, post drivers, and snow blowers are just some of the various specialty attachments used with skid loaders. These enable skid loaders to accomplish more complex tasks, such as clearing thick greenery or clearing away large volumes of snow. To learn more, visit

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