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The Effective Measures that Improving Screen Efficiency

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Several measures to improve efficiency vibrating screen
  2.1 choose the right type of vibrating screen
  Screening effect depends on the nature of the material to be screened, but using the same materials of different types of screening equipment can have different screening effect. Fixed sieve has low screening efficiency, for moving sieve, its screening efficiency is related with the form of the movement of the screen surface, On the sieve of vibrating screen, the particles on the sieve near the direction of perpendicular are vibrated, the higher the vibration frequency is, the better the screening effect will be; On the shaking sieve surface, the particles slide along the screen surface, due to the shaking frequency of shaking sieve is lower than the frequency of the vibrating screen, so the screening effect of shaking sieve is poor; circle cylinder sieve screen surface is easily blocked, so the screening efficiency is low. Therefore, we should be based on the nature of the material, and improve the working efficiency, to the greatest extent by reasonable selection of vibrating screen type.
In order to improve the efficiency of the vibrating screen, according to the actual situation, under the premise that meet product size requirements, we should try our best to use larger mesh size and larger effective screening area, higher screen surface on larvae L rate non-metallic sieve surface, and the appropriate choice of the sieve shape to improve the capacity and efficiency of the material particles through the sieve.
2.2 Reasonable choice of vibrating motor and adjusting the excitation force
   Reasonable selection of the vibration motor is one of the key aspects that affect screening performance; the size of exciting force is the main factor affecting the sieving productivity.
1) Selection of the vibration motor
  Vibration motor, as the source of the vibration of the vibrating screen, has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, compact, high excitation efficiency, energy-saving, easy installation and commissioning. Vibration motor selection, specifically, we should select the operating frequency, maximum exciting force, power, etc. The vibration of the motor speed is close to the operating frequency; the largest excitation force will be subjected to a selected motor synthetic excitation force; then selecting the vibration power of the motor according to the selected operating frequency and the maximum exciting force.

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