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Things to Watch Out in a Residential Rental Property

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It is an exciting idea to think of moving into a rental apartment but searching for the right one to match our choices and needs, would be a task too daunting. And you would have to think about various things before taking that big decision. Hence we are here to guide you with a few pointers before you make any decisions on the residential rental properties you decide to choose from. So please read on and be well informed for the same.

What’s your budget?

Before you look and book a rental house, you need to know what your pockets can afford. Remember, exceeding more than thirty percent of what you earn every month would be foolish and not wise, so don’t exceed. Hence making a budget and then deciding on the house you want to rent would be a wise plan. If you have a planned budget in mind, then searching for a lovely home in a decent locality wouldn’t be compromised on. And if you are hell bent on paying more for the large condominium in a costly area around Delhi, ensure that the money is being spent wisely.

Where should you search?

Brokers would charge you their fees to help you search for flats for rent in Delhi/ South Delhi. And if you want to avoid brokerage fees, you then should look at tabloids, newspapers, bulletins and even the internet, where you can access property and rental listings for free. By doing this you would be better informed about the rentals and price points around.

What is it that you should search for?

Be it a residential or commercial properties, we would say note down your needs on a piece of paper. What is it that you want around your home? Is it an area which is free from noise and noisy neighbors? Or a school close to your homes for your kids, or a locality which would allow pets? Does the house have all furnishings installed? What about your local shopping needs? Etc.

Check the area once during the day and then again at night, since this would allow you an insight of what the atmosphere around is like round the clock.

Documents and finance

For residential and or commercial property on lease, it would be asked of you to provide papers. This is because the landlord, who would be renting out the house to you, wants to be assured of timely monthly payments. And he also wants to know if your lifestyle would be a boon or a bane to the society he lives in, or else he would have to face questions.

Keep your resume ready

And this would be different from a job application resume. Over here the resume would have convincing information as to why your candidature to the rental would be better than others who would need the landlords house to live in. if you can provide personal references for the landlord to check back with, getting the residential properties on/for rent wouldn’t be tough for you.

Read the document before signing the contract

Before signing on the dotted lines for that dream rental house, read the fine print.

Check for the start and end of the contract dates, the price for the rental, security deposit clauses, why the contract can be terminated, penalties imposed if you plan to leave before the contract ends, repair costs, subletting clauses, renters insurance, and allowing guests for long stay!!

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