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Efence: The best solution for better human engagement

by mario26

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Spam could be the biggest problem one could face while browsing the websites, if not taken seriously. The best possible way to get rid of this nuisance of comment spam is to make use of CAPTCHA to verify the visitors. In order to protect the online submission of forms from the spammers and auto-posting programs, more and more websites are implementing CAPTCHA on their forms. Basically captcha is a program that helps generate the tests that only real humans can solve.

CAPTCHA consists of irregular and garbled alphanumeric text in the form of an image. The user is supposed to decipher the characters and type them into a box. Such an action enables the system to find out if the entry is made by a human or an internet bot. Sometimes, due to complex and distorted images of text or string, free captcha damages the usability of a website. Thus, the Efence CAPTCHA alternative comes into focus that shields your website from the internet bots and provides uncompromised human authentication, simultaneously. Efence provides its users better engagement while reducing the user frustration along with reducing drop-off rates of the website. Efence presents an image that the user has to click on, as requested. The efence is the best alternative as it can be used in place of captcha, joomla captcha, java captcha and many more. Efence is compatible with mobile and smart phones.

If you want to know more about such human engagement platform then all you need to do is browse through the internet where you will find various websites providing some of the best solutions to fight against bots.

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