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Buying Quality Watches For Less than Retail

by LauraFulton

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Growing up, I was always told that it never hurts to shop around for the best deals. Whether it was cookware, Women’s watches or a pair of designer shoes, I believed that retail was a waste of money.

Though I kept some lessons from my humble beginnings in mind, there were many things that were hard to resist. Especially fabulous designer items found in the fashion magazines. For many years, if I saw something I liked, I had to have it within 48 hours.

Over time, my priorities began to shift and there wasn't as much disposable income. My father told me that it was about time I start to plan for my later years in life. Otherwise, I would be a 90-year-old lady wearing designer stilettos but no savings in the bank.

When speaking with some of my friends recently, we all realized that we were no longer as young or pretty as we once were. Even a couple of my married girlfriends confessed to less spending in recent.

As we shared different ways to conserve money, one person mentioned how they found a site that had online watches for sale. And these were not watches for children but premium designers that handcrafted the best in timepieces. My thought was that these were cheap replicas and that the company was probably a here today, gone tomorrow type of operation.

We all looked at one another and figured that this person had to be joking. However, she silenced us all when she showed off a timepiece that looked like one I saw in a magazine.

One friend who is especially discriminating about high-end goods examined the watch. Not only was it authentic but our frugal friend paid about half of the suggested retail price. We all just sat there astounded.

She willingly gave us the name of the e-store and not long after, others began to share little tips and tricks to saving money.

Since meeting with my girlfriends once a month for several years now, this was the most informative get-together we ever had. While there is nothing wrong with a little gossip or talking about luxury items that none of us could really afford, we mostly engaged in mindless conversation.

These days, we alternate our meetings at a fancy restaurant with more economical ways of having fun. When it is sunny, we meet at the park for a picnic and play games. This is a drastic contrast to the gourmet dining and bar tabs we kept but this has also helped a few of us shed a few pounds. The irony is that about half of us had premium gym memberships but rarely ever went or stayed for more than a half-hour.

So these days, I feel great because I re-learned why it is important to save money but without making too many sacrifices. All it takes is a little imagination. And I now have a group of people that I can call true friends instead of dinner acquaintances.

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