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tips to avoid business email blunders

by varsheeshyam

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We are residing in the age where technology changes rapidly. Every new day opens a new series of inventions for us. The old methods of communication are getting replaced with the new ones but still email has maintained its popularity as the easiest way to communicate. Email is the best way of communication especially when we talk about business. It is a professional way to communicate with your clients and team. So email should be error free because it is really awkward when others point out mistakes or inconsistency in your email.  Apart from email etiquette you need to focus on your business email provider whether you are using Google Gmail or Microsoft Exchange or cloud based Hosted Exchange 2010. From business perspective your email provider should be reliable and secure. Using in-house Exchange server is quite effective but for small-medium businesses it could prove costly to purchase and manage. So in that case businesses could opt for hosted email solutions like Hosted Exchange 2010 (latest one-Hosted Exchange 2013) or Zimbra. These mail solutions for example Hosted Exchange 2010 provides you a reliable and cost effective email service. Just to pick a recent case study of super storm Sandy that has affected many companies and their servers.


Because of no power for more than three days even all backups were consumed and there was simply no email or data access. Sounds horrible? Of course it is. With Hosted Exchange 2010 email solution from a genuine this would not have happened caertainly. When you have subscription of cloud email like Hosted Exchange 2010 or Hosted Exchange 2013 then you get automatic shield from natural disasters.  Mostly cloud service providers maintain redundant datacenters so that if there is outage at one place (like NY in case of Sandy Hurricane) you can utilize the other geography datacenter and continue to access your email and your work keeps running. Indirectly Hosted Exchange 2010 solution provides many tools and functionality which saves your time and efforts and helps you eliminate common email errors.


These points were related to the platform you are using for managing and sending your email. Of course being not able to access your email is the biggest business email blunder and you should have a proper strategy to tackle this. So be sure to evaluate your business requirements and budget before choosing Hosted Exchange 2010 or any other application or technology.


Another focus to avoid business email blunders is-email etiquette and professionalism. There are some common business errors that should be given proper attention. For example writing too long emails without any headings or points could be boring for the reader and may be they would miss some points you wanted to convey. Another thing is your mental status; don’t write important emails when you are angry or frustrated. When you are writing a business email, creative should be professional and precise. Phrases from common chat language should be avoided.  Clean business terms should be utilized. The main context should be easy to understand. It should be clear so that the receiving person could not conclude the other meaning.Your email shows how concerned you are about your business and business issues. An aggressive email can cause hardships and people may avoid working with you. Your language should make an impression that you are polite with the people but you are focused about your business.


So there are two things you need to focus regarding your business email. Firstly who is going to be your email provider whether an in-house exchange server or hosted exchange 2010 or any web based email? Secondly how you are drafting and managing your email to make clear and effective.

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