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What is the value of Diploma in IGNOU

by anonymous

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Indira Gandhi National Open University is a renowned educational institution that  provides education for all strata of the society at a reasonable cost. Apart from it, it provides the convenience to continue higher education to people who could not continue their education for some reasons.  There are many courses offered by the IGNOU. These courses include graduation and post - graduation courses mainly but recently the diploma courses are quite popular. There are nearly 20 diploma courses offered by the in various sectors and industries. Since the basic module is distance education but still the certification holds ample of value. The curriculum prepared by the IGNOU is adaptable and quite relevant which determines the value of the certificate.

It is rightly said by stalwarts that, “It is not the piece of paper which decides the journey or the fate rather it is the person”. IGNOU offers diploma in many mainstream and allied courses. Today companies have started understanding the practical orientation that has laid down the importance of such diploma courses. Many top colleges of India and universities have accepted the value of the diploma courses offered by IGNOU because they offer  distinct and unique  diploma certificates that are not commonly available with other universities. This makes any certificate from this university of ultimate importance.

IGNOU holds certain brand value that has helped people in getting jobs in good companies. The diploma and degree from this university, despite being a distance education system, are recognized because of the practical and theory balanced approach.

This university has very open approach of education with all the hard copy notes material provided. IGNOU has certain eligibility criteria and even systematic admission procedure which has made its diploma quite valuable. Indira Gandhi National Open University conducts a procedure and later the results of the entrance too for the diploma courses are valued.

Today several corporate have tied with the university such that this provides certificates at reasonable cost that helps many deserving people. However, it cannot be denied that value of paper still exists for entry level in some companies.

Students find diploma from IGNOU quite helpful as they can add value to their  resume by earning new qualifications.  IGNOU has provided diplomas to not only corporate employed people but also to students and many homemakers because of its flexible module.

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