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Worker Injured on Bulk Carrier, Airlifted to Miami Hospital

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All maritime workers understand that a career on or near the water carries with it the risk of injury or even death. Still, such knowledge does not render a serious injury any less tragic when it does occur. Such was the case last year for a worker aboard the maritime vessel De Ming Hei off the coast of Miami.

The Coast Guard Air Station Miami reported receiving a call from a bulk carrier that a crew member had serious injuries following an accident in which a piece of machinery weighing more than 1,000 pounds fell on him. The Coast Guard responded with a rescue effort and airlifted the man to Miami where he was then transported to the hospital.

Maritime accidents such as this can befall a towboat, cargo vessel, tanker, or other ship employee at any time. Because of unpredictable conditions at sea, flying debris and falling objects are often a regular occurrence. Loads or equipment can fall due to shifting weight. The injuries that can result from such a maritime accident can, understandably, be very serious, including spinal cord injuries or the crushing of the victim, as was the case aboard the bulk carrier.

Because the laws that protect maritime workers differ greatly from common workers compensation laws, those who are injured in a maritime work-related accident will want to retain the services of a Miami maritime lawyer who specializes in maritime law. Maritime workers will most likely be covered under the Jones Act or the Longshoremen & Harbor Workers Compensation Act. These federal laws cover maritime employees who suffer injury and may entitle them to both present and future compensation.

In addition to those injuries that occur while at sea, certain injuries that occur on land are also considered maritime injuries. Such is the case when an employee is on landside leave as part of their employment. Dock workers, offshore rig employees, and maritime workers injured at ports or docks that are not within the continental United States might also fall into this category. A Miami maritime lawyer would be able to determine whether a particular injury fell within the bounds of maritime law or if a claim should be filed under standard workers compensation.

If you have been injured in a maritime work accident, you have rights that will protect you and compensate you for your injuries. Contact a Miami maritime lawyer who is familiar with maritime law for a consultation on your case. If you meet the requirements and your case falls under the provisions of maritime law, your maritime lawyer will work to ensure that you receive all of the benefits to which you are entitled.

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