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Features of Tactical Cases from 5.11 Tactical and Pelican

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Tactical cases provide an effective solution for stashing firearms, ammo, and other items as well. Well-known manufacturers like Pelican and 5.11 Tacticalhave designed these cases in hard and soft varieties for different scenarios. Some may hold firearms that are small in size and have a cushion lining on the inside to protect your items from scrapes and scratches. Others, such as the Dice Cases produced by Pelican, offer a deep style so that they can be loaded with various products and these also have cushioning. These cases can be used for transferring your items from one location to another.

 There are cases that provide interior illumination with the following features;

  • Discrete color changing LED lights – blue, red, green and high intensity white

  • Lock out switch

  • Integrated IFF and IR

  • Clips to OTV or MOLLE

  • Waterproof

  • Runs on 2 AA batteries

It doesn’t matter what you will be storing in your tactical cases, a couple features they should all have is to be crushproof, fireproof and waterproof. This allows you to safely store a wide variety of items in these cases from firearms, to notebooks, ammunition, important documents, jewelry and more.

 You will find the cases in rectangular and square shapes but no matter their shape they all have an O-ring closure. This is the feature that keeps the case closed and also the feature that makes it water tight as well. This is basically just a torus formed technical gasket that has an elastomer containing a disc shaped combination placed in a groove. The ring is compacted during set up between two or more parts to create a safety closure. This type of closure protects the items within due to its firm mounting that implements a constant defosurmation. This puts stress on the linking areas of the O-ring and once the water outside does not supersede that amount of stress that is on the O-ring then no water will be able to get in.

 Other than this significant function, hard tactical cases are fitted with several other factors. A Pelican case, for example, is developed with an automated stress equalization device and inner or exterior memory tires to reduce the useful area of the case. Dual toss latches allow an easy start. The interior may also be cushioned particularly to fit certain types of guns, shotguns or pistols and the components and ammo needed for each.

 Soft tactical cases are an alternative to hard cases which offer a compact and easy to carry device. Manufactured by companies like 5.11, their cases are designed out of 600 to 1,050 denier depend water-resistant plastic and have a cushioning within for each type of tool. If carrying the case is an issue, these soft cases may have MOLLE components for ease of transport.

 In order to decide what type of tactical case is right for you, you must consider how you will be using the safe and what features are most important to you. If you don’t need mobility then you may want to purchase a safe instead.

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