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Serum eye drops used in medical treatments

by accessbiologicals

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Serum being the part of human blood contains all the proteins, antibodies, antigens, hormones essential for the smooth flow of biological activities in the human body. This is indeed blood plasma with fibrinogens removed by electrolysis. As it is not the clotting factor it can be preserved for longer. It is a beneficial human blood product which is used in many diagnostic tests, blood typing and also to create variety of medications and therapies.


The study of serum is called serology. Many modern medications are developed by studying such substances and blood products that can are been taken or extracted from healthy donors (humans) as Serum Donation. Many scientists have been researching about such substances and about their productivity in the human body and all the biological functions of them. This substance was found to be an essential factor for the self renewal of embryonic stem cells in the human body along with various other functions important for the life cycle of humans.



Along with numerous biological benefits of this substance it is one of the live saving blood products which can be used in treatment of diseases like “Superior Limbal Keratoconjunctivitis”, which is an ophthalmic disease which can lead to the disruption of normal epithelium of the eye. The major symptoms of this disease can be red eye, burning sensation, frequent tearing, foreign body sensation, mild photophobia, Inflammation and thickening of the conjunctiva. In general, there is scarcity of moisture production near the eye surface resulting in dry and irritated eye surface area so application of it in the form of eye drops can be a solution.



According to the recent researches found, Serum eye drops can be prescribed to the patients that are suffering from such disorders like dry eyes, persistent epithelial defects, and Superior Limbal Keratoconjunctivitis as well as a supportive measure in ocular surface reconstruction. They are by nature non allergenic to humans and their biomechanical and biochemical properties are similar to normal tears. Serum in the form of eye drops has been reported to decrease the irritation and infection of the eye. Also in some cases, it was used as a supplement rather than a substitute option and also in many therapeutic contact lenses application with initiation of its eye drops as pre solution. Due to the increasing fluid supply of this substance it may also have yielded the beneficial effect on such chronic diseases.Also it was observed that when its application was discontinued on the patients discomfort increased again.



Serum eye drops may be produced as an unpreserved blood preparation by collecting the fresh collected samples from the Serum Donor Locations that are been set up in an increasing number across the United States. Healthy and adult donor comes here for Serum Donation and gets paid too for their donation. The collected samples at these Serum Donor Locations are preserved in frozen state for the future usage of this substance in developing medicines, vaccines and therapies to cure chronic diseases in the patients.



However, the serum collected from various patients will certainly not be identical, so it is preserved separately at these Serum Donor Locations in glass tubes. According to the study the production factors significantly influence the biochemical properties of blood derived products like plasma etc. Also the donor health conditions can majorly affect the properties of this substance, so prior to the Serum Donation the donors are gone through pre testing in which their blood will be tested to assure free from viruses and infections. Once their sample will be approved they will be allowed to donate any of the other human blood products.

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