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Manage your Data in a Cloud-based system

by liyo89

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Data is an essential part of any organization or business and is the key foundation upon which a business is built. Therefore, it is very important to keep data safe and secure and it is also necessary to keep copies and back-ups of data so that in times of emergency you can quickly refer to important files. Database technology has developed over the years to now include cloud based systems in which you can store your data on the internet in a secure environment, while also allowing you to retrieve it whenever you like from any web browser. This new database development technology can provide a full security model incorporating different levels of access which you can manage and modify for your users, staff and/or managers. Data can be catalogued into different fields, tabs and categories, with the option of uploading images, attaching documents and essentially developing a database that suits your individual business needs. Another wonderful feature of developing a cloud-based database system is the ability to have your field staff, affiliates, customers or managers access your business data, stock, pricing, contact details, or services from any web browser and know that your data is continuously up to date. Different user access levels should be set depending on who is accessing the data, with separate logins and passwords for certain levels of access. Online databases are changing the way businesses do business!


Using spreadsheets has always been a great way of tracking and storing data and maintaining records, but now it is popular to convert excel spreadsheets to a database. It should be relatively easy to import spreadsheets into a well-developed database. Using the original spreadsheet data and layout is a good place to start so that your database is easy to understand and can be easily accessible. Once a database is developed in a cloud based system, you can design and modify your own application according to your needs and competing your own database development quickly. Some database applications are customizable so that you can even upload your logo and business color scheme, making it look like an integral, professional system, specifically developed for your business data. A ‘dashboard’ or business summary could even be added to summarise your data, provide you with key ratios, sales targets and comparatives and highlight your business’ strengths and weaknesses.


There are various internet sites that provide online database software so that you can hold all your important data under one site. A database can even be developed to include a scheduling system so you can manage all your meetings, memos, appointments, projects, status reports, staff movements and many more activities in a much quicker and easier way. Having a in-built scheduler in your database is a fantastic tool providing complete virtualization of your office and business data.


CloudTree is an online database development package created using the latest design and development concepts by a highly reputable software development company with 15 years experience in the industry. CloudTree offers a customizable database platform on which to build your perfect business database using a simple drag and drop interface. You don’t need to be a programmer or have computer expertise to build it, and a simple, easy to use database can be created in less than an hour! More complex database systems can be developed in less than a day! Traditional database software development can take months or years to develop but CloudTree has changed the face of database development forever! If you don’t wish to build it yourself, you can work with their experienced team of CloudTree Analysts to develop your database quickly all while only paying a small monthly fee. Save thousands of dollars over traditional software development and develop your perfect, customized database today.


An online, cloud-based database is an essential tool in today’s competitive environment for any business to manage information and because it is cloud-based, you can access your data on any web browser from anywhere in the world. It brings information to the right people at the right time. Imagine the possibilities and boost to your business sales if your field staff and affiliates could access your business data from their iPhone or smart phone while meeting with clients. If you want to know more information about developing a database for your business, visit





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