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Maintenance Services for a British Columbia Used RV

by tobiasthrash

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A used RV in British Columbia needs about as much care from maintenance services from the RV dealership. Like any car or house, recreational vehicles need tuning up once in a while. An RV is usually either a Class A or Class C motorhome, which is essentially a cross between a car and a house.


A Class A motorhome is a recreational vehicles derived from the body and chassis of a transit bus; however, rather than having the usual row of passenger seats, the interior is designed into different sections resembling a house. Similarly, a Class C motorhome has a home interior built onto a cutaway chassis of a full-size, heavy duty pickup truck. These may or may not have bathrooms or kitchens. Either way, an RV experiences some rough going, and would need some maintenance to keep it in good condition.


Recreational vehicles need battery inspections once in a while. Because of the electric power usage on Class A and Class C motorhomes when they are parked, the RV battery can become excessively discharged or damaged over time. It is best to have the battery checked, serviced, or even replaced if necessary before taking your RV out on a trip.


The running gear of an RV in British Columbia also needs routine inspection and maintenance because of the rough terrain that vehicles like these tend to travel on. While motorhomes might be lighter than similarly-sized trucks with full loads, their tires, wheels, brakes, steering, and suspension are still subject to a lot of punishment, especially on extended trips. These motorhomes demand the same attention and safety-checks that any heavy-duty vehicle does.


As winter approaches, motorhomes are commonly left in the garage where they stay unused until the weather is more suitable for camping. During this time, it is good to bring the motorhome to the RV dealership for generator services. This helps in keeping the generator tidy and in good condition, ready for the next journey in the spring or summer.


Motorhomes also need an exterior wash and roof inspection. Aside from keeping the motorhome nice to look at from the road, this is also to maintain cleanliness for the sake of the family on the next travel. This also prevents unnecessary nuisances like leaks and pest infestations. For more information, see

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