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Cabbing Has Never Been So On Trend

by jamesonridley

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High Street Kensington, or High Street Ken as if referred to by the locals, is one of the hottest spots in the south west of London. Of course if you were to venture further out into more exclusive districts, you would notice the change, most noticeably the extra zeros appearing on simple products. But you lose the actual affordable nature of the city, and being able to perhaps treat yourself without having to file for bankruptcy. So we certainly urge you to stay in the district, and if you feel like indulging in a spot of taxi, nip about in a taxi. And if work’s going particularly well, one day you may even be able to have your very own chauffeur. Stepping into a perfectly valeted car, with a lovely chap wearing a hat and freshly pressed suit, opening the door to reveal a lovely mini bar, perhaps a TV, and the option to drop you right at the door. No need to walk in this world! But unfortunately, due to unforeseen tough times and a recession that if it contracts any more is simply going to cease to exist, we must make do with the transport options that are actually a possibility.


There is actually nothing more annoying, when you're trying to enjoy a lovely day out with friends or family, to be pushed up against strangers in the sweaty confines of an underground. So enjoy your very own air space with one of the High Street Kensingtonminicabsthat litter the area. Of course this place is home to plenty of fairly well to-do people that have some funds in the bank, and so it won’t be hard to track down one of the W8minicabsthat go whizzing by (never over the speed limit). The problems with getting a taxi are minimal. Sure you might have to make small talk, perhaps ask the driver if he’s been busy or what time he finishes (a little Peter Kay joke for the comedic fans, there), but it really does crumble in comparison to what you’re getting. You’re getting private transport which, let’s be honest, in London is a seemingly distant notion unless you live in a house with an actual number; no flat 45Bs, here!


Travelling in a taxi allows you to view the world without stopping every fifty metres, hello buses, or from underneath the street, hello tube. So when you’re next in the area, and feel like scooting over from Whole Foods, the pasta is exquisite, we must be honest, to the museums in South Kensington, you’re pretty much sorted. Of course you need a number so do your research before you travel. And be nice to those walking on the pavement - they just prefer to do that.


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Based in South East London, Jameson Ridley has a BA in Journalism and writes about the Travelling in a taxi is the next best thing to walking - no undergrounds, please!. For more information: Click Here


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