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Big Eyes

by anonymous

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Big Eyes

Not all of us are born with big eyes. Sadly, we are living in a society that sees persons with bigger eyes to be better looking compared to those who don’t. Because of this standard, a lot of fashion gurus have come up with ways to make the eyes look bigger, bolder and brighter via makeup.

However, there is also another way in which you can achieve big eyes, and this is by wearing contact lenses. There are contacts that give the illusion of the eyes looking bigger than they actually are, and through these you can come up with a different kind of fashion and style.

If you happen to have small, slanted eyes, then the best option for you is to pick contact lenses that are in a deep-set color, such as black, dark blue or very dark brown. Black works best for users of all skin complexions, but to those who wish to have a more defined pair of eyes, then the other colors would work as well.

The reason of choosing contacts of darker shades is because they help make your eyes pop. During the course of the day, it is inevitable for you to feel sleepy, but with these contacts you still get to retain the awake and enthusiastic look. Also, it would be easier to wear eye makeup because you can now see how to further enhance your look.

Meanwhile, if you have almond eyes and would want to achieve the “big eyes” look, then you may want to use contact lenses that are of opaque shade. They can be softer in terms of hue and intensity, but they should have a more solid tone so that your irises can be seen in full color. The fullness of the iris makes your eyes seem bigger, even if they are of a lighter shade.

There also other types of contact lenses that help give off the big eyes effect. Contact lenses that come with streaks (light toned shades with lines of darker colors) help in creating the big cat’s eye effect. Your eyes would look bigger because of the streaks, but at the same time they would give you the fierce appeal.

When supplementing your big eyes with makeup, it is important that you focus on creating a full effect by enhancing the eyelids using and eyeliner of the same shade as your contacts, and a thick coat of mascara. You may want to add a layer of false lashes to make your eyes look fuller and bigger.

As much as possible, keep your eye shadow light, as using darker shades would reduce the illusion of big eyes. Light shadows also help keep the focus on your irises, and from there they channel a big, bright and bold effect.

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