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New range of floor mops and buckets

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With the assistance of different types of cleaning products like floor mops and floor clothes, cleaning houses has become an easy task these days. Now there are floor mops and buckets, which offer wringing mechanism. These mops are easy to use and do not require any additional effort.  However, when we clean the floor, we have to follow some instructions and precautions to maintain the floor durability. There are many kinds of floors like tiles, vinyl, marbles and wooden floors, etc. Compared to all these floors, wooden floors are easy to maintain with some simple do’s and don’ts. Some of them are followed:


Don’t exert more pressure while mopping the floor, as it may cause damage.


Don’t pour excess water, as it may wrap the wood on the floor.


To remove dirt particles from the floor, sweep the floor with soft dry mops.


Don’t scratch the floor by dragging the furniture, instead use furniture pads.


Always place the furniture on the carpet to avoid scratches.


Use mild detergent to mop the floor with enough warm water.


Along with following the precautions for well keeping of the wooden floors, it is also important that you clean the house regularly to avoid more dirt on the floor. Mopping floor is very easy, but takes time. If you use the new floor cleaning set to clean your house then it saves your time. Just put enough water and the solvent into the bucket and dip the mop completely. Wring the mop with the help of wringer cage. Mop the floor in one direction as it takes less time. After mopping one side dip it into the bucket and wring it again. Continue the same process to mop the rest of the floor. Once you clean the entire floor, and then place the carpets and furniture on it. These are the simple methods to clean the floor.


You could also use bucket system to clean your flooring. The bucket system has two chambers, separating clean water and rinsed water. It is a very useful solution for effective cleaning. If you have this, there is no need to carry two buckets while mopping. Only thing is that you should use it properly, after mopping an area, dip the wet mop into rinse water chamber, so as to remove the dirt and soil from the fibers. Then wring it to get rid of excess water and put it into the clean water chamber and follow the same procedure. With this bucket system and new mops, you can easily clean the house without any additional effort.


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