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Industrial Remote Control Systems For LPG and Refined Fuels

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In this modern era, remote control technology is a device that used to control a system or machine automatically. This is really a great innovation of human being. Now with the assistance of industrial remote control systems now one can operate a machine even from a distance. After the innovation of modern technology it has started gradually.

Today the makers are making the machines and wireless systems with powerful energy. With these modern wireless remote controls now one can control complex electronic system or even a gigantic machine too. At the same time, the modern device is equipped with powerful transmitter they can operate a machine even from a great distance.

Now LPG and Refined Fuels remote control is widely popular all over the world. These are very really easy to use and control. The industrial remote control systems are the result of over twenty years experience in pumping system and tank safely equipment design. The system is really unique and they offer unrestricted hose and control greatly increasing productivity and improving safety over conventional truck mounted controls.

In addition the system have a well recognition that service record dating back 15 years and over thousands system is petrochemical service. This technology has a proven record of reliability and performance. This remote control technology system has developed specifically for fuel delivery truck applications requiring explosion proof, severe service remote controls; the ASKW system is available with one to eight control buttons in a rugged and compact package.

At the time the compact polycarbonate receiver unites are easily installed using prewired electrical harness supplied. The system has an internal antenna that provides up to 1000 feet operating range with enough power to punch through brick, concrete and metal walls.

Now small external antennas learn buttons allows for easy transmitter replacement. The systems are factory with unique 32 bit ID codes ensuring the receiver will not work with any other transmitter. The internal diagnostic LEDS Monitor battery levels, signal connection, and wiring faults for easy troubleshooting.

At the same time, the receivers are energized only during pumping operations and have built in fail safe feature closing all tank valves with any power loss or truck movement. Now ASKW systems are available for all makes of trucks, tanks and chassis mounted pumping systems. Quick connect remote wire harness can be factory ordered and pre installed as an option from most major truck manufacture. 12/24VDC, RS232, and J1939 CAN bus chassis interface connections are available. All systems use state of the art encryption technology to ensure an interference free, fail-safe signal.

Now the manufactures own proprietary radio modules to ensure quality control and optimal performance. Systems are FCC, CE, and ATEX approved for hazardous locations. Wire harness, drawings, and button text specific to customer’s application are included with each system.

The cast aluminum handheld is waterproof and extremely durable. Up to eight transmitter buttons are custom labeled in any language. Transmitters will operate up to 300 hours continuously and have built-in low battery warning LEDS.

BASE Engineering is a pioneer in developing industrial radio remote control systems. Our industrial remote controls are equipped with powerful industrial wireless transmitter and they have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. We design and manufacture extremely rugged remote control technology and solutions for most industrial applications such as process controls, industrial petroleum, bulk transport, tank truck equipment, tank truck loading, crane service, hydraulic pumps and many more.

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