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Raise your voice against Injustice

by liyo89

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We all know what’s right and wrong, but when it comes to stand against injustice we always think that’s not our cup of tea. This is so because we are living in the world where we wait till others get into the action and when others enter we put pressure on them to ameliorate the conditions of the society. If you sit alone and thinks about it, you will be filled with the guilt and suddenly your ‘ok life’ will turn into tragic life. Reforming the society and helping the nation to grow is the responsibility of all the citizens, but only few works on it. Moreover, the situation gets worse when the society becomes male dominating.


There are many male chauvinists in the government which does not allow woman to stand equal and parallel to them. Just because of them women are suffering and once the patience cross its limit women campaign like San Francisco protest occurs. Nowadays, women are taking steps against the injustice and websites like my political mom is raising voice against the injustice and unfair society. There are many women against violence and they are working hard to improve the conditions of the society and the nations. Condition of this ill society will not improve fast, but with constant working results will start displaying on the society. As president election is coming closer and both president and opposition leader is working hard for winnings, issues like women’s rights are kept aside. This is perhaps the best time to help the women protesting for rights and strengthen their voices. As the political wind is across the US and it is the excellent time to put your points and raise your voice against the injustice. We have to make voters realize that important issues are still under the bags and they are main obstacle in the growth of the society.


By helping the activist and standing against the violation we can pay our duty towards the society and it will give positive impact on the society. So, raise your voice against injustice and contribute in the growth of the nation.






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