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Directory of Directories

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The directory site makes sure it's right for your site popularity

You have just built your own website showing your product or service, now you need the traffic or people to access it.  This is where an important question must be asked, are directories good for SEO?  Well first we have to understand what SEO is?  The short answer to this is search engine optimization, still none the wiser huh?  Well to direct traffic to your website you will need keywords, or search words.  Think of it this way, you type in the Google search engine a keyword to find a product or service.  For instance if you wanted to find Facebook by taking the long route, you would type in social networking.  So you would need keywords what the visitor would type into that search engine, and then your website would be listed to them.


The Directory of enquiries- best for the business growth


So what is a directory? And why would you submit your site to it?  Well the easy answer is because directories organize links into categories and sub categories, once it is approved by the directory or directories a search engine like Google recognizes it.  Aside to this the best thing being that when you submit your site to a directory, and you are open to choose which search words people would type in to gain access to your site.  Always search for the best directory to submit your site, good quality directories are always best to submit your site to.  One site where you can find all the available directories listed in and you just have to decide which is best to drive traffic to your website.


Paid or free which one is for me? - Chose as per your requirement

Then you need to decide if you will take the route of a free directory, or a paid one?  Whichever one you choose, you must have good quality content in your website; this is not like the times before the internet, where you could push your business card through people's letterboxes.  You need to be able to grab the attention of the visitor, only then will they recommend your site to others.  It doesn't matter if you are selling a product, promoting a service, or even if it's your own personal website.  You want that person to tell their friends and also keep visiting your site, so your page ranking rises.  This is exactly what submitting your site to a directory will do.

Just remember the thousands of websites out there, you want yours to be recognized first, for this you will need a fantastic directory and the right keywords; you just have to think like the visitor who is searching for something like your product or service, make it count!


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