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Houston Engagement Rings Are Not Meant to Be Put in Food

by jeffrypullam

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Some people think too far out of the box. Take the proposal of Reed Harris to Kaitlin Whipple as an example. The plan was supposed to be simple and easy as pie: Harris put the ring in Whipple’s milkshake and expected her to be surprised when she found it in her drink, no less.

The end result, however, wasn’t exactly a fairytale. Whipple may have drunk her milkshake too fast, and instead ended up with an X-ray image of the ring on her stomach. All’s well that ends well, as Harris ended up proposing to his girlfriend using the X-ray image; but doctors (and also common sense) advise to never try this at all. For the record, engagement rings in Houston or anywhere else, really, aren’t exactly the digestible—let alone edible—kind.

Surely, there are other ways to get the engagement ring to your loved one without the risk of getting it into her system. Besides, most will agree that rings in food have all but become a cliché in modern society. If you don’t want to simply bend on one knee and ask your girlfriend to marry you, you can try to replace her everyday ring with the engagement ring in secret. That will be guaranteed to surprise her.

Should you choose to put it in food anyway, a fortune cookie will suffice. In a restaurant, ask the waiter to put the ring in a fortune cookie and serve it at the time of your choosing. Since the common practice is to crack open the cookie, your girl would be surprised to see her fortune in the form of an engagement ring.

It’s not bad to be creative (in fact, some wedding sites actually encourage creativity). But when the proposal ends with a trip to the emergency room, your creative idea may cost you your relationship. In the case of the now-happy couple, Harris and Whipple are glad that they managed to get the ring out of Whipple’s system. It would have been weird to live the rest of their lives wearing an engagement ring in the wrong place.

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