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Plastic Surgery For Men: What Do They Want

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Long gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was considered the bastion of women. With growing emphasis of good looks as important part of overall personality, more and more men are turning towards cosmetic surgery not only to improve their looks but also to combat the signs of aging. Dr. Yoel Shahar, a renowned Park Avenue plastic surgeon who witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of men seeking plastic surgery to lessen the signs of aging commends this trend saying “There is a healthy attitude about cosmetic surgery. I am very happy about the change in men’s’ attitudes. In my own practice and among my colleagues, the increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery is astounding.”

The most popular cosmetic procedure among men happens to be Rhinoplasty as men account for almost ¼ of all nose jobs performed in America. Other cosmetic surgeries that men tend to opt for are facelifts, blepharoplasty, hair transplantation, and liposuction. Breast reduction surgery is another cosmetic procedure for men which have quite a few takers. While most women who go for this procedure usually have health issues like back pain due to excessive strain, men opt for gynecomastia (breast reduction) due to purely aesthetic reasons.

During his long career ranging over two decades, veteran plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar has seen the air of secrecy lifting from cosmetic surgery. Rather than being embarrassed about these procedures, people don’t mind boasting about their results. He is quite confident that the number of men going for these cosmetic procedures is likely to double in coming few years.

Another Cosmetic procedure developed specifically for men is Abs sculpting. It includes creating that "six-pack" look, and pectoral enhancements. Otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery) has been answer to the prayers of those men who feel embarrassed by their ears that stick out too far from the head. Otoplasty can be utilized to "pins back" the ears or correct ear size in case they are disproportionate to his other features.

Dr. Yoel Shahar is Board Certified Surgeon, who is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Certified by the American Board of Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, Yoel Shahar is an Associate Fellow of the American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons Fellow, American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons’ Fellow, International College of Surgeon’s Fellow and a Member of the New Jersey Society of Cosmetic Surgery.

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