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The Making of Mother of pearl Inlay and importance of marble

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There are several types of handicrafts in India that comprises of handmade furniture. It can be carved or painted furniture, jewelry works, metal crafts, unique paintings, pottery works, marble inlays, and stone crafted works.


Mother of pearl (according to the definition in Wikipedia) isalso known as Nacre. It’s an organic-inorganic complex substance produced by mollusks as an interior shell layer; it is also what makes up the external coating of pearls. It is very strong, robust, and iridescent. It can also be used in wood inlay works. Mother of pearl inlay can be placed somewhere in between the carpentry and jewelry making. In mother of pearl inlay works, a firm and strong tree, like the walnut, rosewood, or a mahogany, is cast. It’s quite essential to select a dark or shadow colored tree for making a mother of pearl inlay. There are various nests opened on the wood in a different manner; the mother of pearl inlays is being cut in the similar fashion and is implanted into these nests.

The art of mother of pearl inlay is performed by means of carving and inlaying techniques. The First step in the process of designing is a proper outline of the piece of wood. Then, with a chisel, the edges of the design are notched and the following channels are filled with fibers, and that has to be inserted in the wood with the help of, slight hammer blows. And with the same chisel, the inner side of the sketched design is carved, about 2 to 3 mm deep. Afterwards, according to the shape of the design, the mother-of-pearl is clasped tightly with the thumb. The pointer finger is to be shaped, polished and then fixated in the carved filling with a paste that is made prepared from white glue and wood flour.

Then, the particular piece is polished with fine sandpaper. After making its exterior smooth enough, it is once more polished with some shellac (It’s a resin dissolved in ethyl alcohol). It is vital to drop the shellac on a crushed cotton ball and to keep polishing in fast, spherical and recurring motions, until the shellac on the inlay piece appears to be dry. Some natural shapes of mother of pearl inlay are derived from the nature elements like the flowers or leaves.

According to a famous Turkish saying “Craft is to be complimented.” The more the mother of pearl inlay was praised by the society the more they developed new techniques and designs of inlay.

Marble Inlays

Marble can be used or implemented in our homes for various purposes of construction and beautification. However, Marble inlays will add the required elegance and beauty to your house for the purpose of decoration. It can be used inside as well as outside the buildings. Marbles can be used for home furniture, walls, countertop, furniture top and also in decoration and crafting of items.

On floors, you should use marble inlays in some unique style and patterned manner that will enhance the beauty of your home. Our ancient monument like the Taj Mahal contains various uses of marble inlays in the construction and beautification of the building. Beauty of marbles can be used in both intellectual and symmetrical patterns.

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