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The Disposable Electronic Cigarette: E-smoking Simplified

by davein

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For the avid e-smoker, the benefits that come with the electronic cigarette are bound expectation. Simple use, cleaner lungs, cheaper costs and stress free smoking wherever you are. These are some of the benefits of going electronic in smoking options. However, even though this is not a major issue for most issues, refilling and continuous charging can become rather boring over time. The tip of your cartridge can become rather dirty over time too. The great news is that, there is now a solution to for simplified electric smoking for those of you who wish to avoid the hassles of such tasks; the disposable electronic cigarette.

The disposable option of an electric cigarette is pretty much the same as the standard reusable e-cig. The only differences come in since the usage and several other factors of the disposable electronic cigarette makes it different and more beneficial from the latter option. A disposable e-cig still contains the same elements of the standard e-cig. These are like:

  • Gives out only nicotine to the user as he/she puffs on the cig. Compared to the over thousand other components in the tobacco cigarette, making it a healthier option to choose.
  • Still the same size as the e-cig and standard cigarette and works in just the same way an electronic one does.
  • Emits no smoke but a vapour rich in nicotine that is odorless; making it a very convenient solution to smoking wherever and whenever you want.

However, the disposable electronic cigarette differs from the reusable one in ways more than just one. For instance, the disposable e-cig is made as one flawless make. Resembling a tobacco cigarette, the disposable option, unlike the reusable option requires no assembling. It comes in a pack and ready to use once unwrapped. Just like the name suggests, these cigarettes are disposable. Once done with it, usually after about 500+ puffs, that is when the battery dies, you simply through it away. Now that is hassle free smoking.

The disposable electronic cigarette needs no charging, no refill or even like mentioned earlier no assembling. To activate these cigarettes, some makers create them with an activation tab at the mouthpiece part of the cig. This activates the cig making ready for use. One disposable cig is an equivalent of around two tobacco cigarette packets. With the cost it takes to purchase one of them, the disposable option is far cheaper and healthier than any other option. A disposable is the best option especially if you travel a lot.

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