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Best Animated Movies for Kids

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Regardless of the age, animated movies are so much fun whether the “kid” is five or 95.  There are dozens of animated movies that have been released over the past 50 years, and the Best Animated Movies for Kids are always enjoyable no matter how many times they have been seen.


Pixar has created some of the most realistic and innovative animated movies of any movies that have ever been created.  Of course their “Toy Story” series that tell the tale of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, along with the little boy Andy, are two movies that everyone can enjoy.  Will they make it home in time to be included when the family moves?  Go watch the movie and find out.


Another top movie that came out more recently is “Cars”, and of course Pixar is the brilliant creator of this excellent movie as well.  When the Rookie racer Lightning McQueen ends up in Radiator Springs, he has to learn some very important lessons about friendship and life to try to make it to the big race in California.  Will he make it in time and remember those important lessons?  Check out this movie with the kids and see what happens.


Once again Pixar had a hit on their hands with “Monsters, Inc” that was a raging success.  The monsters work for an electric company that is powered by the screams of the children when the monsters sneak into their rooms at night.   Everything works great until one night one nosey kid gets through the entrance to Monsterland and the Sulley and Mike have to figure out how to return the kid to their bedroom without more contamination.  Do the kids get home without ruining everything in Monsterland?  Here’s another really good family movie to watch with the kids and find out.


Ogres have always been a scary character in many fairy tales, but enter “Shrek” and his sidekick Donkey as they try to rescue Princess Fiona and get her to Lord Farquaad.  Since there are two sequels to this original movie, gather the whole family together, along with some friends and have a Shrek Party and see what kind of trouble that Shrek, Donkey, and the Princess get into throughout their travels.


Two of the most favorite animated movies are “Finding Nemo” and “The Lion King”.   Both of these stories are wonderful for the whole family; the story and the animation are superb in both of these wonderful stories.

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