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Taking a peek at the other side of hip hop models lives

by Jamesanderson

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The hip hop world is a world of glamour. Hip hop artistes captivate their audiences with titillating lyrics that portray hip-hoppers as carefree fun-loving people with tons of money to spend on designer gear, haute couture accessories, exclusive brands of liquor, flashy cars, and of course hot sexy women. Women feature prominently in music videos and on the hip hop club scene. These ladies are typically hip hop models who have pursued modeling as a career. It is easy to by looking at how hip hop models perform in music videos assume that hip hop vixens are lascivious women with questionable morals. This is indeed the picture that many people have in their minds until they discover some interesting truths about the hip hop vixens they see on their screens.


The hip hop models in your favorite music videos are professionals who model to earn their daily bread. Their role in these videos is to entertain you; they are not cast in these videos with the aim of debasing women as some people might think. Some folks assume that hip hop vixens are dumb women who don’t have any other useful talents that they can use in their pursuit of success in life. This is nonetheless a horrible misconception that has to be busted and perhaps the best way to do this is by examining what these ladies are up to when they are not on stage. has for a long time conducted dozens of interviews with black female models and what comes out very clearly is that successful hip hop models are very bright and enterprising women. Black female models who’ve been interviewed by the magazine all express a great ambition to achieve success in their personal and professional lives.


A number of these hip hop vixens are very entrepreneurial and which has seen them come up with their own successful fashion brands. They’ve in this regard established jewelry, cosmetic and clothing lines that are doing very well. Rich Girlz is a brand of jewelry created by Ms. Nessa, one of these black female models. She isn’t content with what she’s achieved yet as she implied when she told the interviewer “I want to have several accessories boutiques all over the world!”


People also mistakenly assume that the actual lives of black female models are but a mere continuation of what they see on TV. What such people should know is that whatever they see on their screens is only an image; professional black female models put very clear distinctions between their personal lives and their undertakings as models. So, don't look down on hip hop vixens any more by thinking that they only exist to lead hedonistic lifestyles. These are decent, hardworking professional women who are just dedicated to entertaining you.


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