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Documents to Subject to Shredding Through Los Angeles

by rubybadcoe

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There are documents you’d want to keep for as long as you live, such as the ones that prove that Christopher Columbus was your ancestor. Then there are those documents that’ll get you in trouble if they fall into the wrong hands. Now, what exactly are those documents that require the help of Los Angeles document shredding services?

Credit or Debit Card Statements

Generally, you should dispose of these statements as soon as you’re done reading them. There are only two exceptions to this rule: (1) large purchases with long warranties; and (2) donations to charitable institutions. You never know when you’ll need that warranty before it expires, and donations are usually tax-deductible. Make sure you check the contents of debit card statements against your checkbook before you dispose of them.

Tax Papers

You should keep tax-related papers for at least seven years lest the IRS audits you. These papers include papers on tax-deductible items, W2s, and tax return copies. Shred pay stubs that contain your Social Security Number, but only after keeping them for at least three months. Aside from credit and debit card numbers, unscrupulous people also use Social Security Numbers and the like to steal your identity.


The rules applicable to credit or debit card statements are also applicable to official receipts, especially those that contain your credit or debit card numbers. Dispose of anything that doesn’t contain long warranty purchases or tax deductible items. Don’t forget to record relevant numbers in your books before you hire Los Angeles document shredding services to do work for you.

Expired Applications

Did you know that it’s possible to use personal information on expired cards to open new, fraudulent accounts? Thus, you shouldn’t forget to shred these cards. Driver’s licenses, passports, and military identification cards are some cards you need to dispose of once they’re past their validity dates. Shred other proofs of these expired cards’ existence as well.

Believe it or not, identity thieves are willing to go through the effort of digging through your trash to find something useful to them and detrimental to you. Protect yourself by knowing what documents to dispose of and how to properly dispose of them. For more information, read


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