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Different types of mountain racing bikes to choose from

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With all the different high-end bikes available these days it becomes really difficult to choose the right one for you. If you are a beginner and thinking from where to start here is a little info on basic mountain racing bikes. Basically there are five different mountain bikes: cross country, trail, downhill, free ride, and dirt jump bikes in the category. Each type is designed to tackle different trails and obstacles. They are described briefly below-

Cross Country Mountain Bikes – Theyare light in weight and also called as XC bikes. These are designed for off-road trails with moderate level of obstacles. Since they are made of light weight material, they attain high-speed in all possible natural conditions. These mountain racing bikes are rigid and has suspension in the form of air shocks. Depending on the type of suspension they are divided as hard suspension bike and full-suspension bikes.

Trail Mountain Bikes –They are an improved version of XC bikes. They are a hybrid of XC bike and a downhill mountain bike. They perform well where the ride involves downward sloping and climbing with jumps. They are as efficient as downhill bikes and provide comfort of an XC bike while riding on rough trails.

Downhill Mountain Bikes – These mountain racing bikes are designed to ride smoothly on down hills or mountain descendants with ease. They are heavy as compared to other models and deliver better performance while riding on the slopes. They usually have disc brakes for better control on the slopes and full suspension bikes work well on these kinds of trails.

Free-ride Mountain Bikes – These are light in weight and easy to handle on rough trails. They have the climbing ability and are much heavier due to its suspension. They are quite powerful and designed to do almost everything right from climbing, racing, jumping and doing technical stunts.

Dirt Jump Mountain Bike – They are a cross between a free ride bike and a BMX bike. They have features of both the bikes and are ideally used to perform tricks as it lessens the chances to crash down while performing them. They have features like fast rolling tires and wide front suspension with oversized handlebars to maneuver the entire ride easily.

It is always good to understand your individual requirements before buying any bike. You should think about the type of trail and the obstacles that you might face while riding. Depending on it you can easily finalize the correct model for your type of riding.

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