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High Blood Pressure- More Knowing, Better Curing

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Hypertension is the most common body disorder prevalent in the large number of individuals. This disease not only means increase in some readings. It leads to further complications in the body which are discussed later. So far, several medications have been developed to reduce blood pressure.


However, a significant drop in these readings is visible with several high blood pressure remedies.


Complications resulting from high blood pressure


Hypertension is a general problem that occurs in every fourth individual. However, if it goes untreated for long, it can cause excessive pressure on arterial walls leading to the damage of blood vessels. This damage can be moderate to excessive depending upon the severity and duration.


Some of the possible complications resulting from this are-


  • Heart's stroke- a rupture or blockage in artery causes impaired blood flow to the brain cells leading to their death.
  • Heart attack- the loss of heart muscles due to loss of blood supply.
  • Heart failure- heart is designed to pump the blood so as to fulfill the needs of the whole body. Failure occurs when heart muscle thickens after pumping blood.
  • Blood clot- blood changes from liquid to solid state called a thrombus. These blood clots can cause serious issues.
  • Aneurysm- a bulged structure in an artery, vein or heart. This causes the wall weakening.
  • Kidney disease- small blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged due to hypertension.
  • Eyes- surprisingly eyes are also an affected part from hypertension. Eyes get thickened, narrowed and torn blood vessels are visible there.


In order to reduce blood pressure, there are several remedies available which causes gradual effects. These remedies treat hypertension without any medication and drugs.


Regular exercise- daily exercising of about 30-60 minutes can help lower BP readings by 4-9mmHg. In case, you embark on an exercise program, you can view the effects in two to three weeks. This exercise is essential if you are living a sedentary lifestyle.


Before embarking any of the exercise program, you need to consult your doctor. Exercise should be tailored according to the health of individual personality. Exercise brings positive results especially if it is done on all the weekdays rather than just doing it on Saturdays and Sundays.


Reducing alcohol consumption- alcohol is like a double edged sword. Some experts say that it lowers hypertension while some others argue that it tends to elevate it. However, the fact is that if it is taken in excessive amount, it causes health issues. Those who drink higher levels than normal do suffer from hypertension.


Healthy diet- healthy diet involves eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. Consume unrefined carbohydrates, vegetable oils, omega oils, etc. If you are non-vegetarian, you must consume trimmed fat and avoid processed meats.


Lowering salt intake- a bit of reduction in sodium intake will reduce blood pressure readings.


Losing weight: making your weight lying in optimum BMI is best for you if you are overweight. It is better to lose some weight if you want to normalize your blood pressure readings. Even medications will work effectively if you have appropriate weight.


Lowering caffeine consumption- there is a lot of confusion, debate and conflicting conclusions on the effect of high caffeine on the BP readings.


Relaxation technique-adding a relaxation technique and stress management approach to your general lifestyle can bring significant improvements in hypertension.


Sleep- getting sound sleep for optimum hours is one of the best high blood pressure remedies.


Introduce these healthy habits in your lifestyle and observe tremendous changes in your health.


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