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Direct Debit Bureau: Do You Need One?

by elynieva

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People today want to do things in an effective and time-efficient manner. This includes paying regular personal and household bills. One of the best payment collection methods that both consumers and business owners prefer is the Direct Debit payment system. This system is quickly becoming the most preferred method of payment in the United Kingdom.


Since there is a growing number of consumers who use this payment method to pay their commitments, business owners consider outsourcing their Direct Debiting process to bureaus. A Direct Debit bureau offers a complete service that caters all of the business organisation’s electronic payments. Their services include setting up the payment system, Direct Debit processing, and crediting accounts. The Direct Debit bureau also ensures that the correct amount is collected from the payee at the correct date. This enables a lot of business owners to run their business smoothly.


How A Direct Debit Bureau Helps Businesses


A Direct Debit bureau can offer business owners with the help they need from the initial startup of the payment system to the ongoing payments. The bureau can also assign the business owners their own personal account executive who will manage their services. There are also certain bureaus that can set up a Direct Debit retry in case the client fails to make payments on the agreed date. The services they offer provide other benefits for business owners. Here are some of them:


  • The business owners do not need to invest on a software
  • There will be fewer overheads for staff since there will be no Direct Debit service that needs to be processed and regulated
  • Regular notifications for any unpaid, cancelled, or amended Direct Debits
  • Easy sign up services of new clients
  • Get a comprehensive in-depth report regarding the activities of the account


It also doesn’t matter whether the business is small or large, since the bureau will accept any business size or any amount of profits earned. If the business organisation is relatively new, the bureau can still offer their services and take care of the Direct Debiting process of that said business.


The Direct Debit Bureau will take charge of the entire Direct Debiting process thus the organisation’s staff won’t need to spend their time and effort in any direct debiting services. This also eliminates the use of receipts, saves stamp duty, and it is also safer and more convenient as compared to other payment collection methods.

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