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Maintain the enduring looks of Bronze Jewelry.

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Bronze jewelry chain or bracelet discolors easily. Even if your jewelry needs to be cleaned, you may feel fear to ruin it. Cleaning bracelet and chains are easier than you think. In many cases, you don’t need to take your jewelry to a jeweler for cleaning. You can clean it quite easily.


Procedures for cleaning bronze jewelry bracelet or chain.



  • Ø Rub the jewelry with a silver polishing cloth.
  • Ø Put 2 to 3 drops of mild detergent onto the jewelry.
    • Ø Spread the detergent all over the jewelry.
    • Ø Place the jewelry under the running water to wash the soap off.
    • Ø Smoothly wipe out the water from the jewelry with the help of a clean and dry silver polishing cloth.

Avoid wearing bronze jewelry bracelet or chains in a steam bath or while swimming in a chlorinated pool to keep it from discoloring more rapidly.


Clean the patina from jewelry boxes and Bronze Age jewelry.

Bronze decoration pieces should have looked shiny and new when you bought them home, but the longer the period they are exposed to air and moisture, gradually they become greener and dull. When bronze reacts with moisture, it develops a greenish layer on the surface, termed as the patina. There are some methods to clean and polish your bronze jewelry and materials.


Some of the prescribed methods for cleaning bronze:


  1. 1.     Using Lemon


       I.            Collect all the all items you want to clean. Wash few pieces at a time because this task requires a decent amount of physical strength.

    II.            Put a spoon of baking soda into a small bowl and squeeze some lemons. The paste will boil, and then it will rapidly cool down.

 III.            Pick a small part of soft cloth and rub the paste onto the Bronze. Wipe till you get satisfied. Similarly, for other items.

 IV.            Rinse them under flowing water, afterwards dry and use a soft cloth to clean bronze jewelry box.


  1. 2.     Using Vinegar


       I.            Collect equal volumes of flour and salt in a bowl, and then add sufficient vinegar to create a paste.

    II.            Use the paste onto the Bronze Age jewelry and leave them for about 30 minutes.

 III.            Rinse the paste off under flowing water, then dry and clean the bronze jewelry box with a soft cloth.




Tips & Warnings

  1.          I.            For lasting good looks, you have to polish them the moment; they start greening. The quicker you re-polish them; the easier it is to maintain their shine.
  2.        II.            Patience is needed to rub the paste on the Bronze Age jewelry to clean off the patina.
  3.      III.            Have a soft brush to use the paste into tight corners and deep splits.
  4.      IV.            Gloves should be used, particularly if you have many pieces to clean, because extended contact with the acid of the lemon is not good for hands.
  5.        V.            Consider using commercially accessible metal wax or lacquer to reserve the shine.
  6.      VI.            All common suggested modes of cleaning bronze jewelry box is by using lemon or vinegar. Nevertheless, if you need a high shine effect, you may use commercially made metal cleansers, those have chemicals, specifically to eliminate patina. Use metal cleansers only in well-ventilated zones.



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