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PeopleofBihar.Com is a social networking website made for People of Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern Uttar Pradesh who shares the common bloodline and common culture. It aima to bring all people of Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP on a common platform irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion or gender. It aims to create an environment for development of India's most glorious state Magadh(Bihar). Any one belonging to Bihar or connected to Bihar can join this website.



Your Name: People of Bihar

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Address: Patna, Bihar, 800004


  • Bihar
    Bihar Culture
    People of Bihar has very simple approach towards Life. The parents are very caring who throughout their Life care for their children and when these selfish children grow up, they leave Bihar forever and never return back. This is the reality of Bihar which has caused it to fall right from its peak. Uncontrolled migration without an intention to return back has caused havoc in the society of Bihar. This is only one sad part which must be taken care of. Apart from this, the main profession that people engage in Bihar is either related to teaching industry or Government sector.
    Bhojpuri Language
    Bhojpuri is the most popular language of Bihar. It is the third most spoken Indian language outside India. It is spoken in western Bihar, north western part of Jharkhand, Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh and some parts of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. It is wrtten in Devnagri script. It is also widely spoekn in Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji and Trininad and Tobago. Bhojpuri has been considered by some pseudo-intellectuals leaders of north India as a dialect of Hindi which is totally false. The native speakers of Bhojpuri are still struggling to get it recognised as a language. However Bhojpuri movies, an empire of 200 million, has been able to upheld this cause very bravely. Bhojpuri movies has been successful in creating an image on people of India that there language also is respectful and it deserves more than mere attention. The bhojpuri suprstars like Manoj Tiwari and Ravi Kishan enjoys emi God status in Bhojpur district of Bihar. The bhojpuri speaking people are also known as Bhojpurias. There are about 60 million speakers of Bhojpuri. We strongly believe Bhojpuri must gain its due respect and be recognised as a separate langauge and not a dialect of Hindi.
    Education in Bihar
    Education is the key word for a country to become a Superpower. During ancient times when India was a super powerful country under the leadership of Magadhan(Bihar) rulers, the capital of Indian education was also Bihar. Bihar had world's oldest University known as Nalanda University and Vikramshila University where students from all over the world used to come to study. But civilizations and situations changes with time. The education system in Bihar deteriorated to such an extent that students of Bihar now have to migrate to different states and countries to study. In this article, we will discuss the Education system in Bihar.
    According to a recent survey, The capital of Bihar, Patna has more schools than New Delhi. Patna has become an Educational hub for the Eastern India. It is an important center for preparation of exams like IIT, IAS, Engineering and Medical entrance. The quality education of schools in better in Patna than New Delhi. But Bihar still lacks behind in Higher Education. Although, there is quality primary and secondary education but there is no quality higher education which the main reason of migration of students outside Bihar. 

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