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Learn How To Build A Photography Website

by pixpadesign

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Photography has been taking the world by storm. Nowadays, it is already a necessity to have or bring your own camera all the time. Before, you only see the SLR (Single Lens Reflex) and DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras rarely, but now, you see kids bringing it along with them at malls.


Once you have mastered or once you’re already good at the art of photography, you may want to level it up from a hobby to your own business. Earning money from something you love is very rewarding and fulfilling.


Tips on building your own photography website:


1.Take a lot of good pictures. You need to have stock of pictures and make sure you organize it by dates and if the pictures are for travel photography, glamour portraits, newborn, family, journalism photography and the likes, arrange them on separate pages.


2.Get a website or blog site for your pictures. Everyone is almost online now and people spend hours and hours surfing the internet. There might be big chances that they will stumble on your site. Find a good web developer or you can use free templates online in creating your website. Or you can choose platforms like PIXPA to create your portfolio website.


3.Create your own business name, logo and tagline. Your website needs to looks attractive as well as professional.


4.Add Social Media like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter on your website. Most of your friends and family are there in social media, so they will definitely support you to spread your talent.


5.Be online. You need to be alert in responding to people that asks you stuff regarding the rates, packages and what other things are included with your service. You don’t need to spend all your hours on the internet; you just need to check your emails once in a while.


6.Put a page where you can add services that you offer. People might have the impression that your website is just for your hobby and not for business.


7.Always update your portfolio website. If you will not update it, people might think that you were just one of the few who got excited over something, then got over it and moved on to another career.


8.Create a story. Pictures already tell us a story; however, other people would be interested about the details on how the photo shoot went on. You can tell them how you were feeling that day, like you were nervous at first then, felt happy after seeing the results. It doesn’t need to be long. People might admire your sensitive side and they might also see how passionate you really are into taking pictures.


You don’t need to master every rule of photography or hire an agency to advertise your website so that you can be successful; you just need to be creative online. Photography is a fun way of discovering yourself and it’s also a fun way of inspiring others.


Pixpa lets you to create smart portfolio websites for photographers, designers and artists to showcase, share and sell their work online.

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