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Crucial Tricks for Hiding a Camera in Your Car

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Some people say that it can be unethical to use cameras to spy on others, but it’s your car and you have the right to know what’s going on, or what’s not going on, inside of it. The car is a fantastic place to hide a camera as one camera can see practically everything due to how compact a car’s interior usually is. However, it also presents its own issues as it increases the chances of it being seen. Read on to find out more about concealing a camera in your car.


The Camera


The camera should be as small as possible. The cramped quarters of a car makes larger cameras easy to spot. So opt for the smallest lens you possibly can. Generally, the smaller the camera gets the more expensive it will be, but if you want the best then you have to invest.


Consider getting a camera that’s concealed in an everyday object. It’s harder to do this in a car, but it can be done. Cameras can be hidden in basically anything these days. For example, there are cameras that are hidden in the spines of books and in clock radios. The possibilities really are endless.




What are you looking for? That’s the question you have to ask yourself before you buy a camera. If you want to know who the driver is (perhaps you’re trying to defend against a thief?) then you want a camera that points at the face. If, however, you are trying to catch a cheat or a randy teenager then you need it to point at the back. A camera somewhere in the dashboard is great for the former, whereas a camera in the back of the front seats is fantastic for the latter.


A note has to be made on cameras that can turn their lens automatically from a remote location, as controlled by you. Avoid these if you can. Whilst they are incredibly useful for spotting anything and everything in the car they nearly always make a noise when they turn. If the passenger or driver suddenly hears a mechanical whine as the camera turns then the chances are the position of the camera will be given away.


Everyday Objects


As already mentioned, everyday objects are great for concealing cameras, but it’s hard to do. It can be done, but make sure the object can be removed for when the camera has to be retrieved. On the other hand, an object has to be chosen that passengers won’t move. Bobble heads and sunglasses clips are great objects for this purpose as nobody will ever notice that they’re there, nor will they notice when they are gone.


Part of the Car


If you can hollow out a seat cushion and put some translucent plastic over it then this can make a great place for hiding a camera. It will also make it more stable and will enable passengers to look straight at it without noticing a thing.


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