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Effective Cleaning with Industrial Scrubber

by chemicaldirect

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While looking for industrial scrubber, you need to consider the type of floor and the carpets used. There are other issues such as width of the scrubber, clearance height and maneuverability and these are important consideration while you buy a scrubber machine for commercial applications. Industrial scrubbers are ideal to remove hard stains from the floor. Wet floors are dangerous and could lead to accidents so modern day industrial scrubbers are equipped with a squeegee which works similar to a vacuum to suck the dirty water, allowing the floor to dry quickly.

There are well known brands and models available for scrubbers. Nilfisk, Comac are known for their advanced cleaning equipment at reasonable prices. Chemical Direct located in Dublin is the best place to look for industrial scrubbers and sweepers. High quality and advanced floor cleaning equipments are readily available at the Chemical Direct store.

Wide range of floor scrubbers sometimes adds to the hassles of choosing the right one. If you are required to clean large area then heavy duty floor scrubbers with extra width are ideal for industries. This can save cleaning time and effort considerably. Ride-on machines can increase the productivity by 64 percent so you can consider investing in a ride-on instead of walk-on to clean the floor.

Choose a floor scrubber with an adequate tank capacity. An industrial floor scrubber needs to have a greater longevity and should be absolutely safe to use. Observing the dirt type and floor type can give you an idea about the industrial scrubber you plan to buy.

Call Chemical Direct for more information on industrial scrubber.

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