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Typography – Fonts for your Website

by kunwarpal

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Every website wants to communicate its message through text, images, graphics, etc. Text is equally important in web designing as images, graphics and colors. Text plays the major role in maintaining the quality of the website. A website with easily readability can become popular among Internet users in no time. The content of the website should be good with a suitable font. Fonts are the important factors affecting the readability of a web page. They can make or break the reputation of the website.

Fonts are the most variably used objects in web pages. There are a millions of fonts available for computers. Each of them is different from others. They have to be visually influencing for the users. They should possess the quality of easy readability and traceability. Web designing specialists work hard to design web pages with good typography. Therefore, it is very important to choose good fonts for your web pages. Here we look for the factors based on which you can select a good font for your website.

The font you select for your website should be clear enough for visitors to read. Choosing a small font for articles in the web page’s content is not a good idea. It should be a normal size font with high contrast otherwise, it will limit the users’ readability. Hence, a web designer should understand the importance of a user-friendly font. The font you opt for can be fancy but should be readable. A very stylish font may hinder the reading. These types of fonts look tempting but are often difficult to read. Users mostly scan the pages visually before selecting a part to read. A fancy font hampers visual scanning of web pages.

The major problem that lies with using fancy fonts is lack of accessibility. Often web designers fill their web pages with lots of fancy fonts that go well with the theme of the website. What they forget is that most of the Internet users cannot access these fonts. The reason behind this is the variety of computer platforms available in today’s world. Different platforms have different fonts installed in them. The font in your website will not display on computers that do not have it installed in them. Therefore, is advisable to use fonts that are common in all platforms.

A designer should always use fonts according to the target audience. He should use Serif fonts if the website sells products for women. Serif fonts are feminine fonts while bold fonts are masculine in gender. Hence, a website targeting men can have bold and masculine fonts. Websites for kids can have fantasy fonts like Kidstuff.

Every web designer must understand the basics of good typography. Fonts are an important part of typography and add to the usability of the website. Certainly, a usable website attracts visitors and becomes popular in less time. For More Detail visit :

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