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Enhance mind expansion and make life simple and smooth

by anonymous

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An individual is said to be perfect when his mind, body and soul works in perfect coordination. A slight imbalance in any of the three can bring chaos in the life. The life of the metro has made our life miserable.  The emergencies, workload and pressure from boss makes our mind unstable. This instability of mind hampers our life activities.


There is one thing which can bring you out of this situation and that is relaxing music. This relaxing meditation music helps in mind expansion  which takes it to a regenerative state of complete relaxation. When you will listen to this meditation music, you will surrender all your worries and tensions before it. The theta waves, alpha waves of the music will work as brain wave music taking you into the sacred ground of the life.


The music takes you to the deep insight where theta frequencies will put you in a dream state of awareness and heightened receptivity. This will open your mind to new ideas and new insights. This magical and mystical theta stage gives you deep sense of peace and comfort.


Besides music, there is one more thing which can bring peace to your mind. However, the name will surprise you but that's true, pinhole glasses.


Here, I am not talking about the inner instability of mind due to stress and workloads. Sometimes, the low vision becomes a reason for mind pain and uncomfortable feeling. These glasses are like a phenomenon giving you clear vision without any use of corrective lenses. Those who have not heard about it must be surprised, however, some anecdotal evidences can prove the fact.


Working of the pinhole glasses:


These glasses are the natural form of vision correction working only in the positive way for your eyes. Contrary to its name, these are not made up of any glasses. These are simple plastic or metal having holes punched into it.


The pinholes in the glasses allow entry of a very narrow beam of light into your eyes. With this small beam, eyes muscles do not get any stress and this light can be focused more clearly on the retina.


Why should I wear pinhole glasses?


Those who are using computers on a regular basis suffer from dry eyes, strain, fatigue, blurry vision or double vision. Using these glasses during computer work will relax your eyes, increase depth of field and will also enhance your natural power of focusing.


Apart from this, if you wear pinhole glasses just for 15 minutes daily, you can bring incredible results in the vision of your eyes. These glasses promote refocusing in 2-3 times per second. Individuals suffering from farsightedness can read and write comfortably while those suffering from nearsightedness will enjoy watching TV from a distance.


When you will not feel any pain due to eyes, you will be able to better focus on your work.


All these products which bring relaxation to your body and mind are readily available on the web. Browse different websites and get the desired product sitting back comfortably in your room.



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