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Using a BKF Repair Tool to Get Back the Data

by larendaniel

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In the current scenario, when there are lot many ways to lose our valuable computer data, one should look to safeguard it using various techniques. Few ways to do so is to use an updated antivirus, regular maintenance of the hard disk using system tools, keeping backups, etc. Of these, the best way is to take regular backups and keep appending them. In Windows systems, there is this NTBackup utility that allows you to create backup in the form of BKF files. However, these BKF files can get corrupt and it hurts the most when you have lost the original data. In these instances, using a third-party BKF repair software is the best option as it performs BKF recovery to extract all the data safely.

Let us assume that you have created backup of some data in Windows Server 2003 using a multiple-tape set. Because of this, the backed up data is situated in two separate backup sets, that too, on 2 distinct tapes. However, when you tried to restore the BKF file you are unable to do so. An error message is displayed as a result, which is:

"Error: An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media"

This problem particularly appears when you have try to restore the data from the second tape after restoring the data from the first tape.

Cause: This issue appears when you are asked to restore from the incorrect set of tape. This problem specifically occurs when the backup sets are placed one after the other so that at times the required set is positioned on different members of the media set.

The other reason for such behavior is that the BKF file has become corrupt and, thus, inaccessible.

Resolution: To fix this issue, you should make sure that you select one backup set and restore from that only at one point of time. Similarly, you can proceed with other backup sets as well.

Actually the backup sets are placed in the alphabetical order. But you can order them according to their set number identify them in a better way. Then, you can restore data from them in a sequential manner.

Having said that, at times this problem is not fixed using the aforementioned solution. In this scenario, the BKF file may have been damaged. To extract the inaccessible data from the BKF file, one should use a professional BKF repair software. These third-party tools use highly advanced but sophisticated scanning algorithms while retrieving the backup data.

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