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Appropriate Care of the Elderly in Unexpected Emergency

by caralarose

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Merely this April, several cyclones left paths of destruction around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and also in North Texas. About 20 miles east of Fort Worth, amongst those significantly hit by the wind spires of death was a retirement home in Arlington. Thankfully, no one was wiped out, however it did deliver the issue of the disaster preparedness of such facilities to light.

In a current report, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found out that, while most of these facilities satisfied government safety requirements, the absence of catastrophe planning was still an issue. When the HHS went to 24 retirement homes, they learned that most of them were less than prepared in the event of a twister, hurricane, or flood. This is a disconcerting issue specifically because they're catering to individuals who are not in peak physical condition. To address this issue, the HHS made four suggestions.

Three suggestions to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

The CMS agreed with the HHS to: (1) require information of unexpected emergency plans; (2) require in-depth support for surveyors; and (3) promote the use of checklists. Retirement homes could currently have plans on what to do during a natural calamity, in which instance they will certainly merely need to keep in mind of them in a checklist. This will certainly allow tenants and visitors to be better much better informed of security procedures.

The state of Pennsylvania is just as prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods as the rest of the nation. Expect retirement homes Pittsburgh retirees live in to abide by these standards to keep its occupants away from damage's way. Concerned loved ones have no reason to stress as disaster preparedness measures are well in place.

One recommendation to the Administration on Aging (AOA)

On the other hand, the AOA complied with the recommendation to create model policies to preserve the health and well being of the retirement home's residents. Retirement home staff will be duly trained to follow these standards and manage senior citizens better in case of a natural disaster. It will not take long before retirement communities Pittsburgh citizens visit will certainly be much better equipped than ever.

You can easily review the full copy of the HHS report at the internet site of the Office of Inspector General at Bear in mind: when selecting a retirement home Pittsburgh retirees will certainly reside in, do not forget to ask about their catastrophe unexpected emergency plan.

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