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Ways to Obtain the Health Benefits of the Coriolus Mushroom

by mackshepperson

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There are various ways to keep the body healthy and fit. Some people exercise regularly, some follow a specific type of diet, and others take health supplements to boost the effects of a healthy lifestyle. Doing one, two, or all of these can help strengthen the body against diseases.

If you’re looking for a nutritious addition to your diet, try the turkey tail mushroom. Also known as the Coriolus versicolor mushroom, it is one of the most popular among medicinal mushrooms in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It is called Yun Zhi in China and Kawaratake in Japan; while its English name is obviously inspired by its resemblance to the spread-out tail of a male turkey with its many colors.

The turkey tail is a common shelf fungus that grows in forests in Europe, the US, and Canada. The mushroom is tough and chewy, so although it’s sometimes eaten fresh, the most preferred method of obtaining its nutrients is through hot water decoction (which extracts the nutrients from the mushroom). Decoction has long been studied and used in traditional herbal practice.

Obtaining the Coriolus versicolor mushroom extract is done through drying and pounding the substance and steeping it in hot water for extended periods. It can then be taken as a tea or tonic. While the extract is beneficial as a daily dietary supplement, some prefer to add the fresh mushroom to different dishes.

Mixing Coriolus versicolor mushroom in gourmet dishes is easy because its taste can complement many recipes. You can add mushrooms to soups, sandwiches, pasta and main dishes. Mushrooms like the turkey tail are low in fat and sodium, and are a great substitute for meat, especially for those who are trying to cut back on animal protein. The turkey tail mushroom may be easily grown in your garden or purchased readily in supermarkets.

An alternative to unleashing your inner chef is to simply take the turkey tail as a vegetable capsule. This is also an efficient way to obtain its nutrients regularly. Read up on Coriolus versicolor mushroom to learn more about how it promotes good health.

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