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Optional Aesthetic and Utility Features for Swimming Pools

by cathynewman

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Swimming pools can include many other accessories that can make recreational swimming more interesting, exciting, and safe. Swimming pool contractors can offer their clients services where they can install any of the following features. These features are optional, but having them can improve the experience.

Swimming pool lighting is an aid to safe swimming in dim daylight, at night, or indoors at night. Lighting can be installed on the walls of the pool or on the floor. Swimming pool contractors can also install colored lighting, which is good for resorts where families and groups of young people frequently have parties. Colored lighting can also make nighttime pictorials interesting for families and visitors celebrating a special occasion.

Water is a prime vehicle for microorganisms that can potentially cause diseases. Cleaning, circulation, and heating devices can be installed to keep the pool free from germs, especially while it is in use. A debris containment canister can be installed to eliminate debris like sand, pebbles, and fallen leaves from the water.

To eliminate smaller debris and microorganisms that can thrive in the water, water sanitizers can be installed in the pool. Inground pools Chicago residences have may get a chlorine generator to rid the water of naturally occurring hard metals and other chemicals. However, those who would rather not have the distracting smell and taste of chlorine can have a mineral purifier or ozonator to disinfect the pool and the water.

Some inground pools Chicago can be built with benches and tables in the pool, so people who like to take a dip and comfortably stay in one place can enjoy themselves. These in-water benches are solid and easy to clean when not in use. Some pools may also have a tanning ledge, a very shallow portion of the swimming pool where people can get their tans without having to leave the pool.

Some swimming pools Chicago residences and commercial establishments have can also get slides, basketball nets, or volleyball nets built. The slides can vary in design and height; pool owners need to take precautions for children who ride these slides though. Basketball nets and volleyball nets make pool swimming even more enjoyable. For more information, see

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