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Ways to Ensure Your Roof is Prepared for Tornado Strikes

by ashleestarns

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Virginia may be quite a distance from Tornado Alley, yet the latest twister attack in Locustville County during mid-July demonstrates that the state is just as prone. A tornado is no less than a damaging vortex of high-speed winds, but with an appropriate roofing system, you can stop it from inflicting serious harm to your property.

More than a year ago in Deltaville, VA, the owner of a log house emerged to the scene after an F1-class tornado (at 110 mph) desolated the community. With 28 homes laid waste and 52 others ruined, the loss amounted to more than $6 million. The twister didn't absolve the owner's villa: the berths and a number of outbuildings were destroyed-- yet not his log home. As luck would have it, the log home only suffered damage to some windows and gutters.

Homes must ideally be as safe as panic rooms; to make this doable, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has specified several requirements. The building ordinances being used in home construction satisfy stringent criteria to identify the suitable ways to ensure one's survival in the event of a natural calamity like a tornado.

Numerous roofing experts and the NAHB also instruct homeowners that roofs strengthened with more nails could have greater wind resistance and withstand the force of a tornado's vortex. They recommend utilizing 8d nails that are 2.5 inches in length (minimum) and nailing them at least six inches on center. Concurrently, reliable roofers Virginia Beach residents count on are obligated to observe the building codes.

As for the type of roofing material that is best for defending against tornadoes, all roofing materials available have gone through extreme wind testing. This denotes that they're more than capable of withstanding the harshest of tornadoes so long as roofing contractors Virginia Beach home owners speak highly of install the roofs properly proper. Shingles, for example, ought to be secured with the correct set of nails and at a prime distance. It is also worth indicating that the Deltaville log home that stayed whole was equipped with a metal roof.

Log on to the NAHB official website at to discover more regarding the log house that remained standing in the midst of absolute desolation. You can also review the results of the field study completed by the NAHB and roofing specialists at Remember, only the right roofing Virginia Beach properties are equipped with by now, could keep you from any impending tempest.

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