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Properties of Well-known Powder Coating Materials

by lonniesummerall

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Are you aware of which powder coating to select among those available in the market? Powder coating, a modern and more advanced technology of painting surfaces, generally metal, has numerous strengths over common liquid films. It makes a stronger surface which is tougher, and also a more uniform visual appeal to many products and supplies.

New York, a top center of banking, media, fashion and education also comes with a sizeable manufacturing industry for garments, printing, and powder coating for indoor and outdoor applications. There are two essential kinds of powder coating, thermoset and thermoplastic. A typical thermoplastic powder is nylon powder; while thermoset powders are derived from resins such as acrylic, polyester, and epoxy.


The most well-known of the thermoplastic powders, nylon powder coating is tough and has excellent level of resistance to impact, scratching and wear. It makes a smooth surface finish and coatings that are resistant to solvents and chemicals. Nylon is safe for food contact. It's utilized in garden furniture and lighting fixtures. A primer is normally combined with nylon powder coating for a better adhesion level.


Usually in urethane or triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) form, polyester powder coating is characterized as UV-, corrosion-, weather-resistant and has long-term durability. Nevertheless, they can be at risk from particular chemicals and solvents depending on their mixture. Polyester coatings are normally put on open-air products similar to construction and garden tools, automotive rims and wheels and lawn furniture.


Frequently, epoxy powder coating is made use of to supply wide-ranging defense against temperature alterations. In addition to rust resistance, it's also long-lasting to abrasion and adhesion, is tough and adaptable. It is rarely utilized for open-air applications since it is at risk of UV rays and is breakable when powder coating is not thick enough. Epoxy coating can be customized into various hues and smoothness on office furniture, racks and power tools.


Powder coating companies also utilize acrylic resin to create a hard surface that is chip-resistant normally for the automotive industry which brings about excellent lucidity and clear coat. As an ingredient, it promotes resistance to marks and chemical substances in polyurethane powder coating. Acrylic is recognized for its exterior toughness.

In general, the types of powder coating NY surface finishing businesses provide will give a unique powder finish to your product. By understanding each coating’s strengths and drawbacks, it can be simpler to determine which powder coating to decide on. Continue reading on powder coating at and

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