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Rajasthan- Where beauty meets bravado

by arizaroshan

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Royalty, revelry, guts, glory, valor and warmth; if there's one State in India that demonstrates it all in a single interaction or moment then Rajasthan it is. No wonder it's so popular among tourists both
national and international.

Not that any tourist destination in India disappoints. However, what makes Rajasthan a hot favorite among tourists is that it qualifies as a tourist's oyster. Here's where a tourist doesn't have to venture much or far to experience every thrill that one desires on a holiday, every comfort that one craves on a vacation and every experience that one calls Indian. And all this comes with a bonus; one gets to experience the amazing hospitality of the most tourist-friendly place in the world. The locals are so warm, so giving and so encouraging that you'll feel so at home; one of the top reasons why people don't tire of Rajasthan that easy!

In terms of the thrill quotient this desert State has it all. Desert safaris, tiger and bird sanctuaries and treks that take you through some well-preserved ruins and ramparts top the list when it comes to popularity among tourists. Ranthambore, one of the top tiger parks in the world is an ideal destination for your date with the most amazing of cats- the Royal Bengal Tiger. A tourist's first tiger spotting is always an indelible memory. No who would think about a temple visit as something thrilling.
But out here, the Karanimata temple in the city Bikaner is famous (or infamous depending on your tolerance or love for rodents!) its residents- rats! Walk in with a brave heart and there's a guarantee
you'll grow to love them almost immediately. The rats here are revered and there's a hefty fine for anyone who mistreats them. The reason why rats are considered holy in India is because they are Lord Ganesha'scarriers.

To address the comfort quotient and all resorts and hotels in Rajasthan treat you no less than royalty. From customized cuisine to dancers and singers who serenade you while you relax in the evenings to royal baths and massages- Rajasthan generously offers it all. After such pampering the thought of getting back home will seem a nightmare!

Rajasthan is also the place where you can sample everything Indian. Rites, rituals, cultural blends, its diversity and of course all the quirkiness that one hopes to see or experience when in
India. To some the delight of sitting on the floor to a meal eaten without cutlery is an Indian adventure enough. Rajasthan does showcase its uniqueness too in the form of its handicrafts and cuisine. You can live through the bravery of the Rajputs in well-told narratives through light and sound shows and sample the gallery of its warriors when visiting some amazing forts and palaces.

While there are many reasons Rajasthan scores high as an ideal tourist destination in India,
most recommend it for being a home away from home without the hassles and burdens!

Ariza Roshan is an expert author who writes on Indian travel and tourism topics, here she loves to talk about RajasthanTours and Tours to India.