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Top 10 Comedy Movies

by anonymous

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While 2008 brought us amazing superhero and action films, 2009 didn't fail to bring the movie fanatics several spectacular action scenes that are included in the top action movies 2009. Though there are people in this world who don't like action movies, their percentage doesn't outgrow action movie lovers. And, since more and more people including kids view action films to be more interesting and fascinating than before, several filmmakers decided to craft movies themed with action scenes. A lot of action movies should never be underestimated.


You will see that for the year 2009, action movies produced were inspired from sci-fi and classic action themes as well as revolutionary 3D films. Also, it is by this year when top ten kids movies 2012 were funded with a low budget and not so famous movie directors who wow all audiences from around the world. Movies like Inglorious Basterds and Star Trek awed millions of viewers with their audacious stunts and captivating aerobatics. Though most of these films earned the attention of the grown-ups, many children and kids would also want to watch these action movies.


Another movie is Avatar. This epic action film garnered kudos from movie analysts and spectators. This movie is not just for kids, but also for adults. Though it was shot in 3D, which the kids will surely enjoy watching, this movie will showcase physically powerful female characters who handled male's tough spirit suited for adult audiences. Another action movie released on the first half of the year 2009 that brought thrill to people and unforgettable record to box office is Taken. It is considered one of the most talked movies in 2009 because of its high caliber and fast-paced adventure that managed to amaze the viewers throughout the movie. There are other action films on that same year that didn't make it to the list of top action movies 2009. So, it is important to note that not at all times, action films would make a good impression to the viewers. Though the top 10 comedy movies looked great, it should also have good screenplay and that the characters should portray the roles properly as they should be and need to establish action scenes appropriately. If these will all be considered, sure the movie will be included in the list of top action movies 2009.

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