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A Concise History of Plumbing Developments and Their Impact

by darryliorio

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It's quite interesting to acquaint yourself with the history of plumbing. Once you get past the yucky things within the plumbing of all the residences in British Columbia, you could find out various remarkable information. You 'd also get a renewed sense of respect for the plumbing technicians in your community due to their constant watchfulness in the fight against plumbing issues and emergencies.

The moment you look carefully at the world around you, you're going to observe a great deal of facts that are related to plumbing. Remember the story of how Colonel Mustard used a lead pipe to get rid of someone in the Conservatory? How about the bidet that soaked you with tepid water during your visit to Europe? Or how about those strange urinals you encountered when you went to Japan? The domestic plumbing we now use is already highly developed, yet where did it all start?

Ancient Times

Plumbing boasts of an extensive and eventful history and practically no one knows just when it began, but there is proof that it was approximately in 2700 BC when people first became conscious that sleeping, eating, and defecating in the same place certainly didn't generate good results. This consequently led to the building of outstanding quasi-modern designs including pipelines and dry toilets. The Romans took matters further and built marvelous bath houses.

The Medieval Period

Things were proceeding smoothly for the world-- that is, until the fall of Rome. This period was subsequently known as the Dark Ages. During this period, plumbing essentially deteriorated rather than progressed. People developed the habit of tossing their refuse out onto the streets, and only the rich and famous had access to chamber pots. Indeed, what a dark and smelly period that must have been.

19th Century—The Current Era

Luckily, Delta plumbers will advise you that everything changed during the 1800s. At this time, plumbing personalities like Sir John Harrington and Thomas Crapper lived-- both recognized for overseeing the invention of the toilet British Columbia residents know and appreciate right now. This specific invention resulted in much cleaner metropolitan areas and residences--that is, until we run out of water.

What's to Come

The greatest trouble British Columbia-- and by extension, the world-- is faced with right now is the lack of fresh water. This is why scientists are devising urinals and toilets that consume less water and are much more energy efficient. There are also toilets that can utilize gray or used water. One thing's for sure, though: regardless of what the future brings, experts in plumbing Richmond BC and the rest of the world's citizens can count on will be well-equipped for it.

So next time you contract a plumber Vancouver homeowners trust, treat him courteously. After all, your plumber is part of the world's first line of defense against the forces of waste. To get additional information, visit

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